Sometimes I write poetry, and make poetry books.

I was the co-curator with Jennifer K. Dick of the reading series IVY WRITERS PARIS, in Paris, France. This is a photograph of me reading in Mulhouse, France, at a conference called LexICON: Text as Image and Image as Text. I’ve always liked combining words and images, and am reading here from a small book of typewritten poems and collages:

Me, reading outside a bookshop in Mulhouse, France.

And I have a small, idiosyncratic poetry press called Color Treasury. We’ve published chapbooks by Ron Horning (From Philip Drunk to Philip Sober) and Jonathan Regier (Rotation), and a limited edition (500 copies) collaborative newspaper called Color Treasury 003 (thank you, Newspaper Club, who featured our paper a few years back in a gallery show in Glasgow called Print’s Not Dead) featuring work by Adriana X. Jacobs, Anna West, Brandon Shimoda, Christine Herzer, Colie Collen, Dot Devota, Elisa Gabbert, Emöke Z. B. Rácz, Ginny Wiehardt, Jacob Bromberg, Jennifer K. Dick, Jeffrey Yang, Jonathan Regier, Karena Youtz, Katalin Ladik, Laura Mullen, Maria Damon, Matt Reeck, Phil Cordelli, Rebecca Wolff, Richard Stull, Robert Snyderman, Ron Horning, Susana Gardner and Tim Mapp, with illustrations by me. You can read a copy at the Museum of Modern Art archives in New York City. There’s nice shout-out from Best American Poetry, here.

My poems and visual poetry have been published in places like FENCE, Muthafuc*a, The White Review, Truck, Paris Lit Up and Upstairs at Duroc.

I also make experimental videos, and am passionate about messing around with that medium. My first and only screening was in 2015 in a group show at the San Francisco Art Institute. When time allows, I like to slip in a quick 3-minute-long video project. It helps one to maintain her perspective…